Ministry Support

Ministries According To "S" Assignments

Mission: SEEK

Goal: To aggressively search for, find, and recruit persons who are apart from Christ, lost, dead in sin, living in fear and often without hope

Supporting Ministries and Their Goals:


  • To make known the simple plan of salvation through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ


Music Worship Arts (MWA)

  • To create an indulgent atmosphere where the presence of God is evoked, expounded, experienced, and enhanced through an all-inclusive music and worship arts ministry
  • MWA Includes:

Adult Praise & Worship Team
B.I. Rosa Vernon Youth & Young Adult Choir
Children's Choir
Combined-Mass Choir
Inspirational Choir
Senior Choir
T.J. Jenkins Male Chorus
Youth Praise Team


Youth Outreach/Support

  • To provide spiritual guidance and emotional support to youth
  • Focuses on lending a "spiritual ear" to those youth wanting to share their problems and difficulties


Mission: SAVE

Goal: To create an environment in which individuals are offered an opportunity and are encouraged to claim their salvation

Supporting Ministries and their Goals:


  • To make known the simple plan of salvation through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Partners in Training (PIT)

  • To educate and equip the sons, daughters, Partners in Training (PIT) to be effective, Bible based, Christ-centered, and Holy Ghost empowered leaders in Kingdom Building at the Beulah Grove Baptist Church and the Universal Church
  • To support and uphold the mission of Beulah Grove Baptist Church
  • Fellowships 3rd Sunday quarterly at 5 pm


Mission: SUPPORT

Goal: To embrace, assist, and nurture individuals and families by providing a system of services and/or ministries

Supporting Ministries and their Goals:

Card and Craft

  • To spiritually uplift those fellow Christians who are known sick and shut-in by ministering to them with handmade cards and gifts
  • To teach others during workshops throughout the year, how to use their hands to be creative
  • To assist any ministry in the church who will need special decorations or a special touch for programs

General Mission

  • To seek to promote Christian unity through Bible study, education, organization, community mission, and youth education
  • To encourage spiritual growth through Bible study, prayer worship and Holy Communion
  • Includes: Alice Williams Junior Mission, Baptist Young Women, Brotherhood, Laura McCrary Circle, Matron Circle, Mission In Action, Royal Ambassadors, Senior Mission, Willie Mae Howard Circle

Baptist Young Women

  • To aid females in Christian growth and development
  • To dedicate ourselves to Christian service, studying, sharing, and witnessing the Word of God to each other and unsaved persons
  • To conduct several outreach activities including local hospitals and in-home visitations
  • Visits Sick and Shut-In 2nd Tuesday
  • Hospital Visits 3rd Tuesday at 5 pm


  • To present the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people
  • To cultivate in men and boys a Christ-like concern for all people, and an intimate knowledge of how Christian fellowship is being extended at home and abroad

Laura McCrary Circle

  • To teach and share the Word with others
  • To face and meet common challenges together through prayer, Bible studies, Sunday School, missionary study, and workshops

Matron Circle

  • To be followers of Christ and His teachings
  • To be Christ-like witnesses
  • To share His Holy Word with saved and unsaved people

Mission in Action

  • To pray, fellowship, and witness to others in the name of Jesus Christ
  • To focus attention on God and to encourage personal, spiritual, emotional, social, and physical growth, not only to ourselves but to others as well
  • To minister to others and to build each other up in the word of God
  • To be shining examples of the Christian faith
  • Nursing Home Fellowship on 4th Thursday

Senior Mission

  • To serve as supervisor of all missionary circle units of Beulah Grove.
  • To ensure that all missionary ministries act in accordance with the BGBC vision and mission

Willie Mae Howard Circle

  • To instill proper etiquette in young women

Golden Agers

  • To support, entertain, meet the needs of, and bring together seniors of our church and community on a continual basis


  • To serve our community by providing a forum of expression, information, and comfort to individuals coping with grief


  • To engage the young adults of our church community in praise and worship to uplift the name of God

Pastoral Care

  • To provide service that is Christian, confidential, caring, compassionate, and complete
  • To support and uphold the mission of Beulah Grove Baptist Church


  • To support in building the church on prayer, principle, and praise
  • Prayer Service every Saturday at 11 am & every 2nd Wednesday at 5:45 pm

Production (Sound and Video)

  • To provide full production support for worship experiences and all ministries of the Beulah Grove Baptist Church


  • To support the process of transition and change
  • To support both youth and adults who are struggling with addictions
  • To support both youth and adult as they seek to find their purpose and talents


  • To serve and support singles' needs while striving for wholeness in Christ
  • To encourage men and women in all stages of life to reach their full potential and to fulfill God's divine purpose


  • To fully equip individuals with the education and understanding necessary to function in this modern, technological, world and to assist them in reaching spiritual, economical, and social prosperity

Veterans Service Outreach Ministry

  • To serve, educate & provide professional guidance throughout the claims process as well as supply valuable healthcare information to veterans and their families

Mission: SHAPE

Goal: To educate, empower, and equip persons to maximize their potential by living out their created purpose in Christ

Supporting Ministries and Their Goals:

Alice Williams Junior Mission

  • To live an upright Christian life and practice God's teachings in our dealings with our fellow man
  • To dedicate our time and talent to the spreading of God's word to win souls to Christ

Beulah's Readers

  • To create, then nurture the appetite for knowledge through reading

Birth Month

  • To offer a God centered, spirit guided, holistic environment that will allow new, as well as existing members, to find their intended purpose through service in the Birth Month Ministry until such time as she/he is able to function independently in their spiritual gift
  • To assist all persons, members and non-members alike, spiritually and socially as they work toward fulfillment of their gift(s)

B.I. Vernon

  • To equip and aid children and youth in their journey through the exposure of educational enrichment incentives and opportunities

Black History

  • To help the congregation increase their knowledge of African American trailblazers
  • To provide the tools, activities, and resources needed to assist children (ages 12 and under)  in developing spiritually, academically, economically, and socially

Children's Church

  • To provide the tools, activities, and resources needed to assist children (ages 12 and under)  in developing spiritually, academically, economically, and socially

Division of Christian Education & Training

  • To evangelize, educate, empower, equip, and edify the capacity of Kingdom Citizens for the building of God's Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven
  • To support and uphold the mission of Beulah Grove Baptist Church
  • Includes: Added Members Orientation, Bible Study, Spiritual Gifts Assessment, Sunday School

Added Members (Adult Division)

  • To help new members and new believers assimilate into the Beulah Grove Church environment
  • To help new members understand church protocol and worshipping in a good and orderly manner according to God's word
  • Orientation every Sunday at 9:30 am

Added Members (Children's Division)

  • To provide clear insight to children ages 6 to 12 about the Christian faith
  • Orientation every Sunday at 9:30 am

Bible Study

  • To familiarize the church body with God's Word
  • Different studies are conducted:

Wednesday at 12 noon & 7 pm
Thursday at 7 am
Saturday at 9:30 am

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

  • To connect people with their created purpose

Sunday School

  • To prepare and equip Christian believers with the knowledge and understanding of God's Word so that they are able to share with others
  • Meets Sunday at 9:30 am

Royal Ambassadors

  • To supplement the training children receive at home by coordinating activities geared toward the spiritual, mental, and physical development of males
  • To emphasize the message of Christ and the goodness of sharing Him with others through their Christian walk


  • To help members hone their speaking and leadership skills in a no-pressure atmosphere

Youth (Ages 13 – 19)

  • To guide youth to a greater understanding of Christ
  • To provide opportunities to express gifts and talents in church
  • To help youth understand true missions and giving
  • To develop Christian leaders
  • To provide opportunities for socializing


Mission: SERVE

Goal: To encourage and provide opportunities for individuals and the church to use their time, talents, and gifts, and to share the bountiful blessings of God with others throughout the community, state, nation, and world

Supporting Ministries and their Goals:

Clothing Bank

To address the spiritual and physical (particularly clothing) needs of mankind through service. This ministry is coordinated through the Beulah Grove Resource Center

Communications Ministry

  • To intake and introduce added members to BGBC
  • To communicate monthly church announcements to the congregation (via video or special commercials)

Executive Ministry

  • To uphold stewardship for membership, finances, buildings, grounds, and equipment
  • To support and uphold the mission of Beulah Grove Baptist Church

Food Pantry

  • To first, meet the physical needs of man by distributing food to persons in need. This ministry is coordinated through the Beulah Grove Resource Center

Food Service

  • To prepare, serve, and feed BGBC members, non-members, and ministries for various occasions

Health Care

  • To continuously support the holistic wellness of our church family and community


  • To register and welcome visiting Christians and friends to Beulah Grove during worship services
  • To maintain personal contact with visitors by responding to them by mail

Security (Junior and Senior)

  • To maintain and provide security for the church family, congregation and all visiting guests during all worship services
  • To secure the property in and around the church grounds and immediate surroundings area
  • To deal effectively with any emergency regarding personal safety and protection of members' and visitors' property


  • To maintain a transportation system that provides professional, safe, and courteous service to the Beulah Grove Church family
  • If you would like to request transportation to worship services, contact the transportation ministry at 706-724-1024 ext. 45. The deadline for submitting requests is Saturdays at 3 pm.

Ushers and Usherettes

  • Seniors: To ensure that persons are greeted warmly, seated comfortably, and worshipping needs are met during worship (1 Peter 4:9-10)
  • Junior and Intermediate: To follow and support the leadership of the Senior Ushers ministry, and to greet, seat, and make the worshippers' experience as comfortable as possible