Tribe Administration

BGBC Tribal Adminsitration

Min. Wendell Smith, Tribal Administrator
(706) 724-1086, ext. 11

The BGBC tribal concept is based on the premise of "people helping people" and membership care. It is one way of assisting the pastor in maintaining contact with the membership. Tribal assignments are designated according to the zip codes in which members reside (See list of assignments in the table below).

Tribe Zip Code Team Leader  Deacons


30907, 30912

Joseph Hay

Lloyd Duncan, Richard Allen, John Wilder Sr.


30815, 30805

Wendell Lofton

Lloyd Charter, Sr., Willie Hillson, Steven Morris, Walter Nance, Timothy Dunn, Staten Heard, Troy Curry, Carl Batchelor


South Carolina areas located inside *CSRA

Bernard Bowman

Norman Frank, Alex Schoultz, Willie Clay



Hawthorne Welcher

Nathaniel Miller, Anthony Williams, Keith Sue-Ling, Rudolph Grantum, Ernest Terry


30809, 30813, 30814, 30905

Willie Downs

Leonard Little, Jr.



James Reeves

Tony Howard, Dwight Johnson, Roman Mobley Walter Scott,


Zip Codes
Outside the CSRA


Anthony Williams, Carl Batchelor



L. A. Gandy

Clifford Morris, Sammie Lisenbee, Carl Andrews, Weldon Burton, William Blue William Miller, Quentin Motley, Ralph Lee



Freddie Welcher

John Mathis, Garfield Jones


*CSRA = Central Savannah River Area)

Through the tribe system, the Tribal Administrator:

  • Ensures that support is in place to systematically monitor and track the progress of each member from the time they enter the doors of Beulah Grove until they relocate elsewhere or depart from this life.

  • Serves as the primary point of contact for Beulah Grove members' hospitalizations and bereavements.

  • Further introduces added members to Beulah Grove ministries and activities.