Who Are We?

BGBC Vision, Mission & Values

VISION: From the Cradle to the Grave

Explanation of Vision: Creating & developing ministries that touch persons form the time they are born until they depart from this life


MISSION: "Seek, Save, Support, Shape & Serve"

Explanation of Mission:

Seek: "To aggressively search for, find, and recruit persons who are apart from Christ, lost, dead in sin, living in fear and often without hope."

Save: "To create an environment in which individuals are offered an opportunity and are encouraged to claim their salvation"

Support: "To embrace, assist and nurture individuals and families by providing a system of services and/or ministries"

Shape: "To educate, empower, and equip persons to maximize their potential by living out their created purpose in Christ."

Serve: "To encourage and provide opportunities for individuals and the church to use their time, talents, and gifts, and to share the bountiful blessings of God with others throughout the community, state, nation and world"


VALUE 1: Principles of Jesus Christ

BGBC will embrace and operate at all times on the spiritual principles taught by Jesus Christ and outlined in the Bible.

VALUE 2: Alignment

BGBC will align the behavior, practices and ministries of the church to be consistent with its stated priorities and value system.

VALUE 3: Diversity

BGBC will create a diverse, inclusive environment aimed at serving all souls from the Cradle to the Grave.

VALUE 4: Self Identity and Acceptance

BGBC, while not excluding anyone or denying the diversity of the surrounding and global community, will promote and address issues of black identity, self-acceptance and self-love in its behavior, practices and ministries.

VALUE 5: Training

BGBC will train persons in church leadership at all levels in order to ensure that the direction provided to their ministries is aligned with the values, mission and goals of the church.

VALUE 6: Education

BGBC will create and maintain a plan of education for its members and the community to ensure a consistent understanding of the vision, mission and outcome goals of the church.

VALUE 7: Allocation of Resources

BGBC will allocate the necessary human, financial and physical resources in accordance with the priorities outlined in its mission and goals.

VALUE 8: Renewal and Development

BGBC will create an urban renewal/development plan and partner with appropriate local, state and national organizations to help develop the community.

VALUE 9: The Tribal System

BGBC will utilize the "Tribal" system to educate and communicate how the self-sufficient model may be manifested and transcended beyond physical renovations in the local geographic community.

VALUE 10: Assessment

BGBC will create a process and tools for assessing its progress toward attainment of its goals.


V2 + M = O

(Vision x Values) + Mission = Outcome

DESIRED OUTCOME: A Self-Sufficient Community

The outcome is the realization of the church's commitment to the goals and objectives contained in the vision, mission and values. The outcome helps answer the questions of: "Why are we here as a church? What is God calling us to do?"

The self-sufficient community is the embodiment and fulfillment of the church's 5-S strategy (i.e., the mission statent). This community is one where the whole needs of persons are met. Even though this community is self-sustaining in nature, it is by no means self-centered. Christ is the center of the community. Remember, God is concerned about the whole person and wants His people to have healthy and productive lives.