Mission: SERVE


Goal: To encourage and provide opportunities for individuals and the church to use their time, talents, and gifts, and to share the bountiful blessings of God
with others throughout the community, state, nation, and world.

Clothing Bank

  • To address not only the spiritual but physical (particularly clothing) needs of mankind through service. This ministry is coordinated through the Beulah Grove Resource Center


  • To become more knowledgeable and comfortable with articulating "Salvation" to our added members, as required
  • To seek, save, support, shape and serve in all that we do, especially as we perform our ministry function of receiving added members into the church family
  • To put into practice and discuss at our quarterly ministry meetings The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork
  • Meeting times vary; contact the church at 706-724-1086 for more information

Executive Ministry

  • To uphold stewardship for membership, finances, buildings, grounds, and equipment
  • To support and uphold the mission of Beulah Grove Baptist Church

Food Pantry

  • To first, meet the physical needs of man by distributing food to persons in need and introducing the Plan of Salvation to unsaved individuals. This ministry is coordinated through the Beulah Grove Resource Center

Food Service

  • To prepare, serve, and feed BGBC members, non-members, and ministries for various occasions

Health Care

  • To continuously support the holistic wellness of our church family and community


  • To register and welcome visiting Christians and friends to Beulah Grove during worship services
  • To maintain personal contact with visitors by responding to them by mail


  • To provide assistance for persons who need repairs done to their homes
  • To assist in the reduction and elimination of poverty, inadequate, and substandard housing and living conditions for both members and non-members
  • To assist with minor repairs for the church to maintain its upkeep and appearance
  • To work both independently and in collaboration with the CSRA Habitat for Humanity Affiliation and the AGAPE Organization

Security (Junior and Senior)

  • To maintain and provide security for the church family, congregation and all visiting guests during all worship services
  • To secure the property in and around the church grounds and immediate surroundings area
  • To deal effectively with any emergency regarding personal safety and protection of members’ and visitors’ property


  • To maintain a transportation system that provides professional, safe, and courteous service to the Beulah Grove Church family
  • If you would like to request transportation to worship services, contact the transportation ministry at 706-724-1024 ext. 45. The deadline for submitting requests is Saturdays at 3 pm.
  • Meeting times vary; contact the church at 706-724-1086 for more information

Ushers and Usherettes

  • Seniors: To ensure that persons are greeted warmly, seated comfortably, and worshipping needs are met during worship (1 Peter 4:9-10)
  • Junior and Intermediate: To follow and support the leadership of the Senior Ushers ministry, and to greet, seat, and make the worshippers’ experience as comfortable as possible
  • Anniversary is on the 4th Sunday in November at 2 pm



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