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Vision: From The Cradle To The Grave -- Mission: Seek, Save, Support, Shape and Serve



1914 – PRESENT


When it separated from the Mount Sinai Baptist Church of Augusta, Georgia in 1914, the Beulah Grove Baptist Church was founded and established under the pioneering efforts of:

Reverend John Henry Evans, Deacons and Messrs. Joe Peaks, J.R. Oliphant, Walter Martin, and Richard Coates; Deacon Hillary Holloway; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley McCrary; Mrs. Anna Demmons; and Messrs. Milledge Coates, Elliot Robinson, and Hardy Higgins. She was originally located on 15th Street in Augusta, where the Williams Memorial C.M.E. Church is presently located. Historically, her pastors have been:

1914-1924 (first pastor) Reverend John Henry Evans: The Beulah Grove Baptist Church was founded in 1914 and established on 15th Street in Augusta. In the 1920’s, the Church relocated from 15th Street to its present location, 1434 Poplar Street.

1924-1931 (second pastor) Reverend Willie Weaver: Financial obligations were satisfied and running water was installed.

1931-1931 (third pastor–recalled) Reverend John Henry Evans: Progress continued.

1931-1946 (fourth pastor) Reverend Oscar Calhoun Parker: The Senior and Junior Choirs, Usher and Usherette Boards, Sunday School, Baptist Training Union, Women’s Mission and the Pastor’s Aid Club were formally organized. Reverend P. K. Kelly, Deacons Paul Kelly, John H. Smith, Lawrence Key, Hardy Higgins, and William Albea were ordained.

1946-1949 (fifth pastor) Reverend Stalling A. Jennings: Deacons King Norman and Samuel Brown were ordained. A building fund for a new sanctuary was established.

1949-1969 (sixth pastor) Reverend B. I. Vernon: Architect Louis A. Vernon designed a new sanctuary. The Trustee Board was formally organized. Messrs. Rufus Britt, Albert Green, William Glover, Joseph Samuels, Willie Martin, Willie Burnett, Emerson Walker, Sanfort Owens, Henry Joseph, and Thomas Jenkins were installed as trustees. Reverends J. H. Sims, Edward Johnson, Roosevelt Green, H. L. Dotson and James Thomas were ordained. Deacons Frank Dicks, Lewis Golphin, William Howard, Isaiah Mc Arthur, Williard Watson, John Williams, and Charlie Hunter were ordained. An education building fund was established and the principle of tithing was formally initiated. A nursery to care for small children during Sunday morning worship was completed and Youth Day was emphasized each second Sunday. A Boys’ Club was formed along with the B. I. Vernon Club, Credit Union, and Chorus.

1970-1971(seventh pastor) Reverend Roosevelt Green: Deacons Lloyd Butler, Lewis Edney, Thomas Jenkins, Marion Kitchings, Alfonzia 0′ Bryant and Raymond Thompkins were ordained. Messrs. Oscar Calloway, Frank Jenkins, Herbert Pollard, and Dillie Rollen were installed as trustees.

1971-1972 (Pastoral Vacancy)

1972-1983 (eighth pastor) Reverend James R. Tate: The Education Building was dedicated and the Vandella B. Albea Chimes were installed. Reverends Raymond Thompkins, Willie Walton, Ervin Taylor and Clarence Brown were ordained and Reverend Bernard Jackson was licensed. The J. R. Tate Singers and the Willing Workers Club were organized. The Pastor’s Aid Club was reactivated and a bus was purchased. Messrs. Hawthorne Welcher, Jimmy Bolton, Cortez Etheridge, Lors Sampson, Freddie Welcher, Jr., Rodriegus Gardner, Wendell Lofton, Thomas Lawson, Rufus Cummings and Solomon Franklin were appointed trustees. Portraits of Reverend B. I. Vernon and Deacon Lawrence Key were unveiled and placed in the Education Building. The B. I. Vernon Choir and The Brotherhood Ministry were formed, and additional real estate was purchased. Deacons Robert Holmes and Hawthorne Welcher were ordained.

1983-1984 (Interim pastor) Reverend Walter Mackey: Reverend Mackey was assisted by Reverends Clarence Brown and Bernard Jackson. The J. R. Tate Singers were renamed The Inspirational Choir. A stained glass window was installed in the sanctuary and dedicated in honor of Deacon William Albea.

1984-Present (ninth pastor) Reverend Dr. Sam Davis: Inaugurating and proclaiming the Kingdom Vision of “From the Cradle to the Grave,” with a mission statement of “Seek, Save, Support, Shape, Serve” the Beulah Grove Baptist Church faithfully commits itself to the full manifestation of the Kingdom Vision for the church (and its members and community) and advancing herself toward becoming “A Church Without Walls.” The Church has expanded its evangelistic arms through a websit

(www.beulahgrove.org), newspapers, radio and television broadcasts, and other outreach evangelistic media. To aid in this evangelistic effort, Dr. Davis published books: When the Multitude Comes; Strategies to Develop Kingdom Citizens; Building Capacity to Build God’s Kingdom; The New Millennium Deacon; and From A Sheep’s Perspective. Additionally, the church produced its first musical recording and CD, Unity in the House, and a Bobby Jones recording to advance the evangelistic ministry of the church.

Further, the church established the 30901 Development Corporation and the Beulah Grove Community Resource Center – both of which are purposed to provide aggressive and efficient leadership to accomplish the various components of the Kingdom Vision. Some components of the Kingdom Vision include self-sufficiency initiatives, including food and clothing banks, prevention of drug/alcohol abuse, juvenile delinquency, etc.; housing facilities (Senior Citizen Complex and low income housing); health care (clinic, community health education); support groups; community and economic development initiatives; business development (jobs, entrepreneurship, business techniques); and much, much more.

1951- 1994

Through the efforts of the Resource Center, a six-week annual “Summer Explosion” education initiative has also been implemented for several school grades. Following their visit to the Beulah Grove campus, Mrs. Tipper Gore (wife of former Vice President Al Gore) and Mrs. Marie Barnes (wife of former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes), stated, “The center is a model that needs to be replicated across the country.” They further stated that Beulah Grove has put Augusta on the map and that they would be talking about the Center all over the country.

Many components have been completed while others are at different stages of development. For example, a new sanctuary, Community Resource Center, Community Health Clinic, Low Income Housing units (Faith View Estates), a 48-unit Senior Citizen Complex (Linden Square), and a federal credit union (United Neighborhood Federal Credit Union) have all been completed, to include the most recent completion of the very unique “Building-of-Opportunity.” This “Building-of-Opportunity,” in part, actualizes the Kingdom Kids Development Center and Kingdom Kids Christian Academy, Children’s Church, Vernon-Key Memorial Chapel, Banquet Hall, Partners-in Training Curriculum, a variety of classrooms, information technology systems, Jacob’s Well Book Store, conference/convention capable complex, commercial kitchen, administrative suites, and much more.

Pastor Davis conducted the first (of its kind in the United States) Clinical Pastoral Education course designed specifically to strengthen black pastors. He also developed a “Campus Architectural Plan” for Beulah Grove, added some 70+ ministries, and received over 5,000 added members to the church. Some of the added ministries include: the Youth and Children’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Production Ministry, Redeemed Ministry, Beulah Readers, Recovery Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Entrepreneur Ministry, and others. A full sound musical ensemble has been added to morning worships while numerous Bible study classes, seminars, retreats, and workshops comprise the ever expanding spiritual growth and development opportunities at Beulah Grove Baptist Church. Also, the Office of Ministry Assessment & Development was instituted as well as two Sunday morning worships, a Teachers Academy, a comprehensive Christian Education Ministry, a training course for deacons and trustees, quarterly Membership Development workshops for current and potential ministry leaders, added members orientation ministries which embrace the needs of individuals, groups, ministries, and the church family as a whole.

Additionally, the church initiated an intercessory church prayer call-in line, the publication of a monthly church news bulletin and a quarterly church newspaper (The Grove). A unified church logo was adopted for all entities of Beulah Grove, along with the implementation of a church unity Sunday held each fifth Sunday.

Pastor Davis appointed several trustees: Trustees David Avery, E. K. Chester, John Cummings, Jr., Willie Clay, Johnny Davis, Walter Fryer, Vinton Gillerson, Ray Griffin, William Hall, James Harrison, Joseph Hay, Sr., Joseph Hay, III, Daniel Jackson, Lionel Jackson, Edward Knight, Milledge Kyler, III, Charles Lawson, Kevin Mack, Nathaniel Miller, Clifford Morris, Henry Myrick, Osborn Nesbitt, John Perdue, Robert Rhodes, Albert Rowe, Joseph Scott, Raymond Scott, Joseph Samuels, Samuel Sampson, Cornelius Sturgis, Willie Sturgis, Samuel Singfield, Dexter Sadler, James Scott, Ezekeil Strothers, Charles Walton, James Washington, Hannie Welcher, Eugene Lampkin, Henry Bryant, Thernell Cave, E. K. Chester, Norman Covington, Rufus Cummings, Johnny Davis, Willie Hugh Edwards, Roger Ford, Chavious Kemmerlin, Johnny King, Charles Lawson, Alonzo Middleton, John Parham, Theron Rogers, Renaldo Woolfolk and Samuel Sampson.

Additionally, Pastor Davis appointed several deacons: Deacons James Bell, Rufus Britt, Robert Brown, Andrew Clay, Willie Clay, Bosie Davis, Willie Downs, Acie Dunn, Norman Frank, Solomon Franklin, Ray Griffith, Joseph Hay, Sr., Dwight Johnson, Edward Knight, Stewart Long, Wendell Lofton, Nathaniel Miller, Clifford Morris, Franklin Ross, Joseph Scott, Ezekiel Strothers, Theodore Sturgis, Lors Sampson, David Walker, Emerson Walker, Freddie Welcher, Jr., Kwane Welcher, Anthony Williams, Lloyd Duncan, Frederick Cephas, Sr., Lloyd Charter, Sr. Thaddeus Dawson, Timothy Dunn, Willie Hillson, Karl McCloud, Steven Morris, Walter Nance, Bernard Bowman, Alex Schoultz, Sammie Lisenbee, Keith Sue-Ling, Leonard Little, Jr., James Reeves, Frank Griffin, L. A. Gandy, Jr., Carl Andrews, Weldon·Burton, Kenneth Dorsey, Nathaniel Harper, William Miller, Quentin Motley, John Mathis, Walter Scott, Frank Polite, Staten Heard, Troy Curry, Dwight Johnson, Cornelius Sturgis, Timothy Dunn, Ralph Lee and Joseph Isaac.

Reverends Dennis Dunbar, Henry Holt, Marvin McRae, and John Murray were ordained, and Ministers Jean Callaway, Willie Callaway, Douglas Downs, Jeffery Hackley, Vivian Hackley, Valerie Jackson, Sandra Brooks, Janet Barber, Robert Brown, Douglas Downs, Wendell Smith, Darrel Blocker, Jerry Jordan, Boise Davis, Stacey Lee, Beverly Butler, Kevin Griffin, and Mae Palmer were licensed. In 2011, Rev. Willie Callaway and Rev. Darrel Blocker were ordained.

The Beulah Grove Baptist Church has always stood at the forefront of service to the community. Its history is rich with many men and women who have responded to the call to serve. God has moved in a mighty way to work through this church and others to develop ministries of help and service. The church today has grown and expanded and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit has given Beulah Grove Baptist Church a committed group of church leaders and lay persons and others to minister to the needs (spiritual, emotional, physical and mental) of the church family and the community.

The vision of the Beulah Grove Baptist Church embraces a rich and an abundant life for all its members both now and in the days to come. Amen!