Beulah Grove Baptist Church Children’s Ministry & Children’s Church Children’s Ministry Mission Statement:

Vision: ​From the Cradle to the Grave

Mission: ​To Encourage, Educate, and Empower God’s Children to Evangelize HIS Church.

Motto: ​Training and Developing Future Leaders

Scripture: ​Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

Purpose: ​To introduce and implement biblical principles through the leading and teaching of God’s Word in a simplistic manner that will embrace the vision and mission of the church: To Seek, save, shape support and serve.

What do we have to offer?

At Beulah Grove Baptist Church our Children’s Ministry has limitless opportunities to offer towards the spiritual growth of your child(ren). The Children’s Ministry is an enjoyable place for your child to learn the Word of God at a level in which they will understand and appreciate. We have been given a charge by Christ in Proverbs 22, and we honor that charge by setting a solid foundation with biblical based lessons each month on their level of understanding. In hopes of our children becoming future leaders of the church, we also train them on how to lead the Order of Worship. We teach them the reading of scriptures, prayers, ushering, devotions, hymns, collecting of tithes and offerings and so much more! Your child is given the opportunity to not only become a member but a young disciple! We thrive and encourage participation by offering a variety of ministries the children can be apart of and they are: The Children’s Choir, Jr. Usher Board, Alice Williams Junior Mission and Liturgical Ministry where they will learn the art of Miming, and Praise Dancing. With all God has blessed us to offer, we look forward to helping build God’s Youthful Kingdom.

Do we offer a curriculum?

The old adage “knowledge is power” still applies to our everyday thinking, here at Beulah Grove Baptist Church. We are mindful and take in serious consideration that each child learns not only at a different pace but by different methods. Due to our Children’s Church ages ranging between 4-12, after the Order of Worship is completed and a brief overview of the lesson is performed we then breakout in age appropriate classes. The Curriculum used is Bible based and kid friendly! The material is ordered from the accredited High Voltage Kids, a Christian company. T​hese lessons are enhanced through arts/craft, videos and classroom participation.


Getting to know our instructors!

The Instructors are well-trained and have all completed the Teachers Academy. They have a phenomenal combined experience history of 60 + years. God has certainly equipped the calling when He called on this staff and they are blessed and thankful to be serving in their purpose. ​Our staff currently consists of 10 dedicated teachers to include a certified Social Service Worker and several teachers that have been apart of the Children’s Church Ministry since it started over 15 years ago! We are also proud to announce that we 7 advisors that assist with countless tasks and duties to include registration which is a critical factor is providing you with a sound mind of knowing your child is safe.

Your child’s well-being is important to us!

Children’s Church take these safely measures by requiring that each child be registered by his/her parent/guardian and given an assigned number and before the child is dismissed parents/guardian must sign each child out and return their assigned number to the registrar. Also Beulah Grove Security assigned to monitor the children’s church for safety.

Where are we located?

Please note that we can be found in the Memorial Chapel located in the Building of Opportunity every Sunday at 7:45 and 10:45 worship service, with the exception of the 10:45 service on the 2nd Sunday because the children are in charge of the Order of Worship. Also during the 10:45 service on the 5th Sunday due to Victory Sunday for the Church. Holy Communion is held every 3r​ d​ Sunday and the children will join the church family in the main sanctuary to take communion.​ ​Sunday School is held every Sunday starting at 9:30 and the classes are located on the 3r​ d​ floor in the building of opportunity. Bible study is held every Wednesday from 7:00-8:00 pm on the 3r​ d​ floor in the building of opportunity. The curriculum is Bible based and teachers reinforce the lessons by using arts/crafts, videos, and many more techniques.


Fun! Fun! And More!

We understand the importance of balancing education and play. We allow the children to be children! We promote this by participating in several exciting events and activities. The Children’s Ministry Anniversary is held the 2nd Sunday in December. During this encounter, we are able to support and encourage our children to worship God in their own special way. We also host the Back to School Drive, Victory Weekend Workshops, Easter Sunday plays, Oktoberfest, and participate in the Children’s Christmas Parade, just to name a few! We try to ensure that there is never a dull moment when they are in our care.

Community is Family!

We love to plant the seed of giving into our children. We water that seed with several volunteer services. We believe that the home, school, church, and community should be on one accord. Therefore, we pour out our love into the community by collecting and donating socks to the senior citizens complex “Linden Square”, donating socks to Beulah Grove senior members for Christmas, donating toys to the KID Restart Foundation, donating toys to Beulah Grove families that are raising their grandchildren, and visited Gracewood Hospital to donate personal items to the residents. The children also enjoy singing Christmas songs to our community. We support our children with any volunteer services idea that they may develop, no giving service is too small or too big.

Stay Tuned!

Beulah Grove Baptist Church Children’s Ministry is soaring to higher heights. We are growing and certainly would like for you and your family to be apart of this experience. We have future plans to grow our ministry and skills by partnering with different ministries such as Deacons, Trustees, and building the gap with the Youth Ministry. So lookout for all the new, fun, and exciting things that are yet to come. We welcome anyone, everyone, someone, and we truly believe that you are the one!

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