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Human Resources Department

BGBCC Human Resources Department

Seek – out the best qualified candidates for each position.

Save – The organization from costly mistakes of discrimination and harassment practices with sound policies.

Support – Our staff by assessing their needs and making accommodations for them to fulfill our mission for the church and community.

Shape – their lives in such a way that they would want to encourage their family and friends to join our staff.

Serve – our church and community with a team of individuals that believes in a “standard of excellence.”

Why Beulah Grove?

Why Not Beulah Grove?

Here on the BGBCC people are recognized as people first and employees second. A campus built on unity for all walks of life. Everything we do is a team effort. We want each employee to feel like an integral part of a team that is making a discernible positive contribution to the Campus. With the support we give each other and the excitement and enthusiasm we generate together, excellence never seems far from our collective reach. Our goal is to be the clear employer of choice for our current and future employees.

Those seeking employment with Beulah Grove Baptist Church will find some of the finest employment conditions in the area.

Employment Compensation and Benefit

BGBCC Policy: Equal Pay

The Beulah Grove Baptist Church Campus will not pay wages to any employee at a rate less than the campus pays employees of the opposite sex for work that is substantially equivalent requiring comparable skills. 

This policy is to be construed in accordance with applicable federal and state laws.


The Beulah Grove Baptist Church Campus recognizes the needs of employees for financial protection in the event of illness or injuries that result in medical expense and loss of income. Providing adequate, cost-effective medical, dental, disability, and life insurance protection is a concern of the campus. The campus has selected several plans designed to meet the employees’ needs. To keep the employee’s cost to a minimum, the campus financially subsidizes all. Certain coverage is offered at no cost to the employee.

Note: Whether or not coverage for dependents is provided and at whose cost should be addressed by using one of the following: “Coverage of dependents of employees is also available at the expense of the employee requesting coverage.

The Beulah Grove Baptist Church Campus reserves the right to change insurance companies or to modify or terminate eligibility requirements, benefits, or coverage at any time.

The Human Resources Department announces the following employment opportunities:


Opportunity is one of the Beulah Grove Baptist Church Campus’ policies.

It is our policy to select the best-qualified person for each position in the organization.
No employee of the campus will discriminate against an applicant for employment or a fellow employee because of race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, or other physical or mental disability. No employee of the campus will discriminate against any applicant or fellow employee because of the person’s veteran status.
This policy applies to all employment practices and personnel actions including advertising, recruitment, testing, screening, hiring, selection for training, upgrading, transfer, demotion, layoff, termination, rates of pay, and other forms of compensation or overtime.

The Beulah Grove Baptist Church Campus has adopted an affirmative action policy which essentially means that the campus will aggressively seek out, hire, develop, and promote qualified members of protected groups — defined as racial minorities, women, physically or mentally disabled, disabled veterans, veterans of the Vietnam era, and persons ages of 40 and over.

Note: Affirmative action portion of this policy may only be required for employers who contract with federal, state, or local governments.

The Beulah Grove Baptist Church Campusleadership position in the business community demands that recruitment be conducted in an aggressive manner to attract top caliber individuals to all levels of the organization. Campus positions may be filled by promotion of existing employees or by new employees who are recruited or apply. Recruitment may be conducted through advertising, employment agencies, schools, employee referrals, or technical and trade referrals. The Human Resource Director is the only person who is authorized to approve recruitment funds. Supervisors/managers should discuss the most appropriate method of recruitment for filling departmental positions with The Human Resources Director. All recruitment shall be conducted in an ethical, professional, and non-discriminatory manner.

A list of current openings will be posted in the Campus Reception area of each entity and posted with the Georgia Department of Labor.

The Beulah Grove Baptist Church Campus provides equal employment opportunity to all applicants on the basis of demonstrated ability, experience, and training. 
As positions become available within the company, prior to outside recruitment, the Human Resources Director and hiring manager shall determine the availability of qualified candidates within the company. Recruitment may be conducted through schools, employment agencies, and company advertising.

This policy excludes those employed through temporary agencies or “job shops.”

Employee Commitment

Nothing frustrates or demoralizes an employee more than not knowing where his or her job fits into the total operation or being uncertain of the value of the work accomplished. Even more demoralizing is not having anyone show appreciation for what the employee is doing.

Possibly the first commitment you should consider making is to keep the employee informed about his or her job responsibilities and any changes which will impact those responsibilities. When new employees come to work, a staff member should be assigned to introduce them to fellow workers, the company layout, and the facilities. 
Whenever possible, a supervisor should also review their responsibilities. Printed material, such as the policy manual, should be given to all new employees on the first day of work. After introductions and a brief orientation, the supervisor can set a time to meet again in a few days and respond to their questions. We suggest that you plan a periodic group orientation meeting for new employees if the size of your company warrants it.

Employees are much happier and better workers when they respect the management of their company and believe their supervisors are competent, fair, and alert to employees’ contributions. This statement of commitment can facilitate these beliefs. Some examples of general statements about the company’s commitment to its employees include the following:

·The company’s recruitment and selection of highly capable and innovative employees;
·Management’s commitment to provide a work environment and leadership which unites employees and generates enthusiasm for the company and its products and services;
·A commitment to maintain the highest standards of business ethics;
·An understanding of the importance of the employees’ role in the company’s success; and
·A commitment to provide training and opportunities for advancement.

Depending on your management style another commitment worth considering is an open door policy. Under this policy, the president or owner commits to being available to any employee at any convenient time to discuss any job-related problems the employee may have. No manager likes to have an employee go over his or her head. However, the effect that this commitment has on the responsiveness of supervisory personnel or middle management may be worthwhile to everyone. Obviously, you must also commit to being fair and objective. If you manage this commitment well, the word will get out that you are responsive to every employee’s problems.




Ensuring that the work of the kingdom can be accomplished in an efficient and cost effective manner

Why volunteer?

Consider these:

1. Job experience. Have you been out of the work market for some time? Are your job skills limited? We can help you with that.

2. Field experience or Internships. Are you a college student? Does your program require an internship or field experience? Consider us.

3. Stewardship. Are you between jobs? Do you have a lot of time on your hands? You still have something to give back to the Lord. Give of your time, talents and skills. 

Volunteer Department
       Seeking First the Kingdom of God

What is the Volunteer Department?

Beulah Grove is literally an all-volunteer army. The bulk of our workforce is made up of non-paid volunteers. As we grow, it has become necessary that our volunteer staff grow as well. Therefore, a Volunteer Coordinator has been assigned to manage the volunteer staff and volunteer ministry personnel on the Beulah Grove Campus.  

Are volunteers really needed?
Yes, we are in need of volunteers. There are only a handful of paid staff. Each of these people are trying to do the job of several people and need the help of committed and dedicated volunteers. 

Where are volunteers needed?

Volunteers are needed in all departments and all areas of the Beulah Grove Campus. Want to do ministry? Love children? Like to cook? Good at fixing things? Just plain have too much time on your hands? Volunteers are needed:

Location:  Building of Opportunity

Ø Reception Desk
Ø Banquet Hall*
Ø Building Maintenance
Ø Kingdom Kids*
Ø Human Resources*
Ø Print Shop
Ø Administrative Offices
          *Denotes need for background checks

These opportunities can be filled on an as needed basis but many of them can be weekly or daily commitments.

Location:  Community Resource Center
Like to help people? Good at organizing things? Volunteers are needed:

Ø Receptionist/Administrative functions*
Ø Food Bank*
Ø Clothes Closet
Ø Social Work Internships*
Ø Building Maintenance
Ø Project Management*
            *Denotes need for background checks  

Location:  United Neighborhood Federal Credit Union
Are you good with finances and numbers? Do you just want to help out? Our Credit Union is in need of help! They need:

Ø Receptionist*
Ø Internships (Financial Fields)*
            *Denotes need for background checks

Location:  Center for Community Health
Are you in the health care field? Are you in school to enter into the healthcare field? Do you need to do an internship? Consider us. We need:

Ø Interns and Residents in the medical field 

If you are interested in signing up to become a volunteer on the Beulah Grove Campus, please contact our Human Resources Department at (706) 724-1086 ext. 28.  Let us know which area you are interested in volunteering your time or which best fits your skills, gifts and talents.

Beulah Grove Baptist Church, 1434 Poplar Street 

Augusta, Georgia 30901 Phone: 706-724-1086


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