Human Resources Department

Mission Stateman
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Seek – out the best qualified candidates for each position.

Save – The organization from costly mistakes of discrimination and harassment practices with sound policies.

Support – Our staff by assessing their needs and making accommodations for them to fulfill our mission for the church and community.

Shape – their lives in such a way that they would want to encourage their family and friends to join our staff.

Serve – our church and community with a team of individuals that believes in a “standard of excellence.”

Why Beulah Grove?

Why Not Beulah Grove?

Here on the BGBCC people are recognized as people first and employees second. A campus built on unity for all walks of life. Everything we do is a team effort. We want each employee to feel like an integral part of a team that is making a discernible positive contribution to the Campus. With the support we give each other and the excitement and enthusiasm we generate together, excellence never seems far from our collective reach. Our goal is to be the clear employer of choice for our current and future employees.