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Music Ministry

It is the mission of the Beulah Grove Baptist Church Music and Worship Arts Ministry to create an indulgent atmosphere where the presence of God is Evoked, Expounded, Experienced, and Enhanced through an all inclusive Music and Worship Arts medium

Senior Choir

To enhance the worship service by singing praises to the Lord, win souls for Christ by spreading the gospel through song, provide spiritual growth and Christian fellowship for its members.

Combined Choir

To spread the gospel of praise in a musical format of sound and voice to Beulah Grove and the community. To be a diverse mixture of spiritual song writers, musicians, composers, conductors, etc. coming together to coordinate activities related to the music division of Beulah Grove.

Male Chorus

To lift up the Holy Name of God through song and to live our lives as Christian men, letting others know not just through songs, but by the way we live and treat others.

Inspiration Choir

A voluntary fellowship who believe our first priority is to follow Christ and His teachings.  We further believe we are to prepare and sustain souls for Christ (the Word of God) primarily through the ministry of song.  Finally, we believe that we must be Christian witnesses to help others envision the workings of God in the midst of their lives.  “We are an evangelistic choir, Bible-based, Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-led and empowered and people-oriented.  We are also a caring and sharing family believing that we are one united by our belief in our Savior, Jesus Christ.”

BI Rose Vernon Young Adult Choir

To disseminate the gospel message through music to the church and community. Our primary goal is to be instrumental in all facets of the music ministry of the church and touch the hearts and souls of those seeking salvation as well as development under the guidance and leadership of the Pastor.

Children Choir

To become saved, Holy Ghost filled, fire baptized workers of the Lord. Seeking to shape our lives as well as those we come in contact with through service and support that the light of Christ may shine through our singing and our actions.

Activated 3/18/2020

Beulah Grove Baptist Church
1434 Poplar Street
Augusta, Georgia  30901
Office:  706.724.1086