Our Ministeries

Beulah Grove Baptist Church Ministries

Beulah Grove currently has over 85 active ministries that foster personal growth and development,  promote a sense of service to mankind; and serve the community at large. Our ministries are based upon the “5 S’s” of our mission statement:  Seek, Save, Shape, Support, and Serve.

Here we define each of our ministries and their missions.  The links in the definitions will take you to the page detailing the related ministries.

Seek:   To aggressively search for, find and recruit persons who are apart from Christ, lost, dead in sin, living in fear and often without hope.

  • Inspirational Choir
  • Senior Choir
  • Male Chorus

Save:   The church will create an environment, in which individuals are offered an opportunity and encouraged to claim their salvation.

  • Partners in Training
  • Tribal System

Shape:   To educate, empower, and equip persons to maximize their potential by living out their created purpose in Christ.

  • Added Members Orientation
  • Beulah’s Readers
  • Birth Month
  • The Children’s Division
  • Division of Christian Education & Training

Support:  To embrace, assist and nurture individuals and families by providing a system of services and/or ministries.

  • Black History
  • Card and Craft
  • Counseling
  • Housing
  • Marriage Retreat

Serve:  To encourage and provide opportunities for individuals and the church to use their time, talents, and gifts, to share the bountiful blessings of God with others throughout the community, state, nation and world.

  • Activity
  • Communications
  • Health Care
  • Hospitality
  • Jacob’s Well
  • Security